Winter Prep Tips for Houses in Highlands Ranch

Remove all hoses from outside faucets and drain them. It's okay to leave them outside all winter.

Have the sprinklers blown out and leave all the valves open.

Rake up the leaves, get aerated and put down a heavy load of winter fertilizer just prior to the first snow.

Have any overgrown trees trimmed. Heavy fall snows can break branches and kill a weak tree.

Close any basement vents (and open them back up in the spring)

Click here for snow removal information

Highlands Ranch Association Rules:

The Highlands Ranch Covenants require that you clear snow from your sidewalks within 24 hours.

Christmas lights can be put up 30 days prior to, and must be removed 30 days after Christmas.

Snow and ice removal issues on sidewalks and streets go to Douglas County at (303) 660 - 7480

Snow and ice removal on arterial sidewalks and trails go to HRMD at (303) 791 - 2710

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