Snow Removal in Highlands Ranch

With an average of 67 inches of snow per year, the snowiest month is usually March, followed by November and April.

Douglas County crews plow the roads and streets here. The first priority are the major roads and intersections. Then, they will plow the collector roads. Depending on the total snowfall, and weather forecast, they will plow a single path through the residential streets. The lowest priority for plowing are the cul-de-sacs. Contact them at (303) 660 - 7480.
There are 2,400 'lane miles' of roads in Highlands Ranch.

The homeowners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks, including access to any mailboxes and fire hydrants within 24 hours. If you have a complaint about any sidewalk issues you can call Douglas County at (303) 660 - 7480.

The Highlands Ranch Metro District (HRMD) will clear the sidewalks along the arterial roads. Their priorities are the local fire stations, district buildings, bus stops and then the local parks. You can contact them direct at (303) 791 2710
There are 112 miles of sidewalks and 38 miles of hard surface trails here !

And don't forget, when you are done there are some great sledding hills in Highlands Ranch !