Tips for Selling Your Home

Over the past several years selling homes in Highlands Ranch I've learned a few things to help make houses sell quicker and for more money. Following these suggestions will take away many of the objections that I typically hear when showing houses to prospective buyers.

One year prior to selling (or the season before)

Have all the trees and bushes professionally trimmed. They will grow back thicker, stronger and look much healthier. Also, have the lawn power raked and spread a thick layer of organic fertilizer. Power raking is MUCH better that aeration (plugs).

Six months prior to selling

Start the cleaning out process. Lots of trips to the Goodwill donation station on University Blvd. Get rid of things that you don't want to pay someone to move, and then throw out.
Get new light bulbs with the proper output. (don't have overly bright bathroom lighting, a common problem here) However, it is good to have bright lighting in the garage and basement.

One month prior to selling

Clean and dust the basement area. Change air filters in the furnace. Open all the windows in the house and run the furnace fan for several hours. Do this a few times to totally air out the house. If you have pets, get the carpet shampooed and deodorized. (buyers that don't have pets will notice the odors immediately)

Get a home inspection. Fix everything that needs to be fixed. You will have to do that anyway, so it's best to get these potential objections out of the way beforehand. Remember, inspection objections usually cost the seller money, and sometimes can kill a deal.

Pressure wash and paint the fences. Replace any boards with big holes or cracks and stain them to match.

Put high nitrogen fertilizer on the lawn and water it (a lot) to green up the grass. Clean up all dog poop.

If you do all this and price the house at the true market price it will sell easily and quickly.

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What about doing a remodel before selling ?

In general, new paint and carpets go a long way. However, remodelling the kitchen and bathrooms can often cost more than the increase in selling price. A good tactic to quickly sell a house is to call it a 'fixer - upper' and price it just below the market comps. A $10k price reduction is cheaper, and easier than a $20k remodel and all the associated work. There are lots of potential buyers that will want to customize the remodel to their tastes.

When you are ready to list the home be sure you understand the SOLD comparables. Zillow is a good resource, but their values can be wrong. Brokers and lenders don't use Zillow for their comps, they use actual sold values as reported to the MLS and county records, with adjustments for property variations. Overpricing a home will just make the competition look better. Also, lenders today are taking a more conservative approach to valuations. Deals on overpriced houses are failing because the bank appraisals are based on SOLD comps.

Priced correctly and cleaned up, many houses in Highlands Ranch sell almost immediately.

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