Local Shopping Guide

 - My personal experiences and opinions from the past 10 years

highlands ranch pizza

Best Pizza Restaurant
- Mici's Italian Restaurant

Best meatball sub - Lil' Ricci's 44 West Centennial Blvd

Best Chinese Delivery - Sunflower Cafe (303) 798 - 0700

Best Bar - Indulge Wine Bar, Town Center
Probably the coolest wine bar in all of metro Denver

Favorite fast food; - Panera Bread on University
They just do a good job with everything. (including the free wireless access)

Best Store - Super Target on Lucent Blvd. (love the high tech shopping carts)

Freshest Veggies: Sunflower Market, County Line and University
It's the absolute best place around for fresh fruits and veggies

Best Toy Store - TimBuk Toys - Town Center (great stuff!)

Haircuts for kids - Great Clips on Broadway - they have the right attitude

AMC Highlands Ranch - Local movie house with 24 screens and IMAX. Free kiddie movies in the summer

Best Park - Civic Green; see cultural events from Shakespeare to the Symphony, and free kiddie movies

Recreation Centers
Northridge has the best picnic areas
Westridge has the best outdoor kiddie pool
Eastridge has the main Association offices
Southridge has the coolest indoor pools

Day Care - I liked Kindercare by the library
I tried Primrose but it was not a good experience
Plenty of in-home options around too

Golf - The Links has a fun course
Highlands Ranch Golf Course is very nice, upscale

Best Doctors Office - Kaiser Permanente. Really. I just switched and it's fabulous.

Highlands Ranch Hotels
Residence Inn is walking distance to restaurants and the movie theater
Hilton Garden Inn is new, nice, and secluded


See my contractor recommendations

Places I've had bad experiences at:

- Keller Auto Repair - they missed a few things and recommended some things not necessary
- Abo's Pizza - quality has been slipping lately, bad employee attitudes and stale slices
- Floyd's Barber Shop - heavily tattooed stylist had bleeding fingers, got blood stains on my shirt and in my hair
- Lansdowne Arms - bartender padded his tip on my credit card, Westword editor wrote of a similar problem there
- Anthony's Pizza - usually good, but it often has real strong sewer gas smells in the restaurant
- Nicolo's Pizza - The sink in the mens room puts out scalding hot water
- Baccus Wine & Spirits - twice they shortchanged me on the cash purchase of a 6 pack. Twice.