For Sale By Owner in Highlands Ranch - Yes You Can!

For Sale by Owner

Remember the old days? You had to buy airplane tickets from a travel agent, the service station pumped your gas, you made copies at an office store and self-service anything was not very common. Well the time and technology has finally arrived in the real estate industry so that you can sell your home yourself, and save many thousands of dollars. I have personally sold homes on Zillow, without ever putting them on the MLS. However, there are still some contractual and due diligence requirements to get to a successful closing.

One of the main reasons that FSBO deals fail is that the seller does not fully understand the legal and procedural requirements needed to complete a transaction. Lenders will not loan and title companies will not close unless everything is complete, compliant, comparable, inspected and legal. Brokers are very good at getting these done, but the commissions can be up to 6% of the sale price.

We can prepare all the required contracts, help with the due diligence
and follow through on everything to a successful closing for a flat fee

In the current market, we recommend Zillow to list your property. You will get calls from both buyers and brokers. Some buyers will ask that you pay their Realtor a 2.8% commission. By Colorado law, that is fully negotiable. Currently, there are brokerage firms that only pay a $1,700- flat fee to the buyers broker. You can negotiate that as part of the purchase price. Somewhere around $2,000+ is probably fair for them to prepare all the buyers side paperwork. However, you can set up your deal as a 'Transaction Brokerage' agreement and we can handle both sides of the transaction for our flat fee of $1,850- Here's my website outlining the details: