Buying a Home in Highlands Ranch

Quite a range of homes are available here from cheap condos to luxury homes in gated communities. The homeowners association generally keeps things clean and orderly here.

I've been selling homes in Highlands Ranch for almost 10 years. I've seen and learned a lot. I own 4 houses here so I've been through all the maintenance issues, builder defects and class action lawsuits. I know what to look for and what builders need extra scrutiny.

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In general, the basic construction is good in most of these houses. The Douglas County building inspectors kept the builders in line. However, many of the builders took shortcuts with the finish work, including the roof and siding materials. There are some problems with Richmond homes. (I own 3 of them) However, most of the issues I see can be fixed for a few hundred dollars.

In my experience, many brokers miss the obvious defects.

So, when I view and show houses I don't look at paint colors and views. I look at the mechanical systems, the foundation, the siding, the roof and the plumbing. Every house I've seen was in need of some plumbing upgrades, a cheap fix that can save thousands.

My approach to home ownership is to fix things that need to be fixed - now. For example, any house over ten tears old needs a new PRV. A plumber can install one for about $200- and this will save a LOT of future plumbing issues and leaks and extend the life of dishwasher, ice maker and toilets.

The sprinkler drain always needs to be updated. Every time your back flow valve freezes it will cost $200- to have it replaced. Have it updated along with the PRV.

Roof leaks are common. Have the leaks sealed, usually caulked from the outside. That will stop the ceiling stains that inevitably appear in many homes.

I always have the vents cleaned, including the dryer vent, especially if the previous owners had pets. I've seen what comes out of old vents and it's not pretty. This  will be a couple hundred dollars well spent.

Here's a link to some legal things to know when buying a home.

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