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The Correction is Coming !

Well, here we go again. Buyers get desperate and overpay for houses. Sellers get greedy and price the houses too high. It's all great until market reality hits. I've seen this twice before in my real estate career. It's following the same path this time. I just sold some of my rental properties in Highlands Ranch for crazy money because these prices are just not sustainable.

If you are a seller and can get a high price for your house then take the money and run.
If you are a buyer and are letting your emotions cause you to make bad financial decisions then just be prepared for the inevitable coming downturn.
Don't let the Realtors tell you that's it's a good time to investment right now. Their job is to earn commissions, not give you good financial advice. At best, prices will flatten and you won't see any appreciation for years. At worst, you will be upside down and owe more than the house is worth.

It's just history repeating itself. I've been doing sales and investments here for 20 years. I've seen this all before. It's time to sell, NOT time to buy.

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There's a great mix of homes available here. From condos, town homes and single family homes under $400k to gated communities with million dollar prices. Let a local expert guide you through the sales process. And, if you are selling your home yourself, I can assist with the required contracts, disclosures and closing process for a flat fee if just $1,850-.

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Buying or selling a home in Highlands Ranch is usually a straight forward transaction. Call me to discuss your upcoming deal. I'll help you understand the current local Highlands Ranch market dynamics and how to position yourself for a successful, and profitable transaction.

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